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Your dog remembers what you did

People have a remarkable ability to remember and recall events from the past, even when those events didn’t hold any particular importance at the time they occurred. Now, researchers have evidence that dogs have that kind of “episodic memory” too. via Your dog remembers what you did Will Arnett and “Orange is the New Black” star Natasha Lyonne have boarded ... Read More »

Christmas Gifts for Dog Owners

These are really cute and they make a great christmas gift for all your dog walking buddies. I found this coupon code on Amazon where you can buy 5 and get 5 for free. The coupon code is NUF6EOWY Click the link and head straight over to Amazon and get yours before they are all gone! Click Here now and Head ... Read More »

Rottweiler Puppies – The Dog Training Secret

  How To Train a Rottweiler Puppy Some Rotties can become over protective and dog aggressive if not socialized properly!  Although, many people desire this breed for his protective qualities, no one wants a dog that is dangerous or will not let anyone in the house. via Rottweiler Puppies – The Dog Training Secret   Read More »

Pick up your poo!

‘Pick up your poo!’ Furious father confronts dog walker in unbelievable rant | UK | News Father-of-two Chris Speed claims the woman let her three Jack Russells defecate on the pavement in Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk – and brazenly declined to clear up after them. Mobile phone footage shows Chris challenging the woman about the dirty deed, to which she replied: “I ... Read More »