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Things you Must Know Before Buying Dog Poop Bags

Did you know there are  over 77.5 million dogs in the United States alone that are owned by someone, which is about 40%. Dogs poop at least two times a day – more if they are a healthy dog. That’s a LOT of poop to clean up if you are just one of the responsible dog owners who do so. ... Read More »

Dog Waste Bags

What are “Dog Waste Bags”? You’re just not a believer – we get it. Dog waste bags are just another unnecessary bill, a conspiracy by the powers that be to take more of our hard-earned money, right? Not so fast! Here’s why you should be using poop bags on every walk. In society today we must be responsible pet owners ... Read More »

Bulk Dog Poop Bags

Why buy dog poop bags in bulk? If you only have one small dog the word “bulk” may be something very different from someone who has 2 big dogs, or even 3 small dogs.  Either way the idea is to ALWAYS have poop bags handy. There are many places where you can purchase large numbers of dog poop bags like: ... Read More »