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Pick up your poo!

‘Pick up your poo!’ Furious father confronts dog walker in unbelievable rant | UK | News Father-of-two Chris Speed claims the woman let her three Jack Russells defecate on the pavement in Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk – and brazenly declined to clear up after them. Mobile phone footage shows Chris challenging the woman about the dirty deed, to which she replied: “I ... Read More »

3 New Tips for Dog Poop Bags

New tips for picking up dog poop are sorely needed. We have been following the same procedure and using the same mode of operation for far too long for this necessary task. The dog poop bags will remain the same. There has been a huge variety available for years, including biodegradable, scented, colored or even patterned options. It is what ... Read More »

Dog Poop Bags Holder With Puppy Leash Training

Walking your dog should be a pleasurable experience and the best way to ensure this is to familiarize your puppy and yourself with the leash and your dog poop bags holder as early as possible. Rather than needing to retrain your dog and yourself later, it is best to learn the skills right from the start. It is well worth ... Read More »