Dog Poop Bags

Our fur babies adore sunlight and the clean air just as much as we do. We both need the experience of loving romp or a fast walk in the park. And as responsible dog owners, each of us knows the value of using and taking our dog poop bags when they do their normal business outside. But who has made ... Read More »

4 Methods to Carry Your Dog Poop Bags

So just how do you carry your dog poop? Amazing to think that dog have become such a part of our family that even the way we pick up and carry their poop has evolved. Method Number One Many years ago one scooped up the poop in a plastic grocery bag that was used and just carried it by hand ... Read More »

Dog Poop Bag Refills

We must decrease our use of plastic and biodegradable dog poop bags are an excellent way to begin.  When biodegradable dog waste bags are used daily by dog walkers it makes a significant positive impact on the environment. Refill products have become a familiar part of life today and dog waste bags are no exception. As an example, refill products ... Read More »

Should I Buy Dog Poop Bags in Bulk?

Why buy dog poop bags in bulk? If you only have one small dog the word “bulk” may be something very different from someone who has 2 big dogs, or even 3 small dogs.  Either way the idea is to ALWAYS have poop bags handy. There are many places where you can purchase large numbers of dog poop bags like: ... Read More »