Dog Waste Bags

What are “Dog Waste Bags”?

You’re just not a believer – we get it. Dog waste bags are just another unnecessary bill, a conspiracy by the powers that be to take more of our hard-earned money, right? Not so fast! Here’s why you should be using poop bags on every walk.

In society today we must be responsible pet owners and pick up after our dogs. Dog waste bags, whether you use grocery/store bags or purchased bags they can be made from a variety of different material. It’s estimated that 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States. Approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 30-37% have a cat. (Source: APPA)

Plastic Grocery/Store Bags are Trash
Seriously. They pollute our water resources and clog up our landfills. Did you know that grocery/store plastic bags take forever (actual scientific term) to break down. That’s why cities and states are outlawing single-use plastic bags right and left (and up and down). Many cities, states and countries are getting on the band wagon and banning plastic bags.

We all know they weren’t made to pick up poop – they can split or tear, leaving you with poop on your hands.  A dog waste bag is made for that singular purpose, picking up the dog poop!!  Many of the options today are biodegradable and don’t contribute massively to the land fill sites.

Biodegradable dog waste bags are a big bonus for the environment too.  They help prevent litter and they don’t destroy the ozone layer, because unlike other plastic bags they don’t need to be burnt in order to get rid of them, they simply decompose naturally.

Dog poop bags are simple to use and simple to carry. Dog waste bags come in extremely handy when Fido’s bowels empties at a place that is very improper. Generally, dogs take just a minute or two to poop. Sadly, once they do, it’s our job to clean the mess up after them in all public places. This could get rather humiliating should you not have any clean up paper or bag with you.

Should you are feeling it’s not fashionable to carry dog poop bags with you all the time, you may need to think again. With dog waste bags now accessible in several colours that are incredibly fashionable, no one will think of you as to being uncool in case you are seen using one. My goodness, you can even get bling’ed out dog poop bag holders with matching bags.

The truth is, family, friends, neighbours and people in general will value the fact that you’re prepared to take responsibility for your dogs.

There are many characteristics which were integrated into the creation of dog poop bags to make them useable for individuals. Now, with all the dog poop bags that are biodegradable reaching the market, the environment also gains.

Dog Poop is Just Nasty
What’s the big deal, you’re thinking. Dog poop is natural and makes great fertilizer. Wrong! Dog poop is unsanitary, and can carry bacteria and worms. Kids might touch it. Other dogs might eat it. And no one likes stepping in it.

Picking it up might seem disgusting, but not as much as leaving it behind. Use a dog waste bag!

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