Dog Poop

The (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency put dog waste in the same category as other toxic oils and chemicals that are dangerous to the environment. These dangers are well known and having dog poop classified in such a category is a real wakeup call for all we dog owners. If your dog is sick and has diarrhea, which can’t be picked up, keep it away from areas that people and especially children and other pets frequent. Be sure to get your dog checked out by your vet and keep it on a short leash until it gets well.

Picking up the poop makes you a good neighbor, not only are you abiding by the law but you are also reducing the number of calls that municipals get in relation to dog poop. In Britain alone, 95% of the population is worried about dog waste in public areas. This allows them to focus on other important matters that people might not be able to address easily on their own.

Now that you know of the problems affiliated to dog waste, you probably wonder what you should do with the dog poop because you can’t abandon it. First always walk with pick-up bags each and every time you walk your dog. This will enable you to scoop the waste and keep it intact until you throw it into a bin. Bags are the most easily available but you can chose to use biodegradable or compostable bags, which eventually will biodegrade. You can also carry a shovel or scooper when walking near your home. This is the case with some areas where anyone walking an animal should have one of the disposal tools.

No one likes picking up dog poop but for some people even though they understand the importance of cleaning up after the dog may still not have the stomach to pick up the poop. In such a case, there are lots of services available that will clean up after your pets. Look up those who offer the services in your area and get a service provider that suits your needs. Also check with your state or municipal as the clean ups and waste disposal might be regulated by legal statutes.

Clean up dog poop

If your back yard is already bad courtesy of dog waste, you can also call on the services of experts who can come and clean up your yard. A yard that has become brown and smelly can be brought back to its former glory or better after treatment that will allow grass to grow and also eliminate the bacteria and germs in the soil. It’s important to treat and regain all such areas in your yard to prevent diseases and discomfort especially if you plan to use the yard for other activities like playing or just relaxing. You can train your dog where to poop to avoid destroying your yard again. Join the 4% of dog owners who train their dogs.

Last but not least, be vocal and tell other dog owners to pick up after their dogs. This should start with your neighbour since in many cases, your pets and children will go to his/her yard where they might contract germs and bring them back home infecting everyone and everything they come across. If the neighbours place has a foul smell you will also be affected so educate him on how to handle the waste so that you can both live in peace. You can also go the extra mile and give handouts of dangers dog waste and how to manage it to the other dog owners near you. In my personal experience I have found it best to carry spare poop bags and offer them to people I see not picking up.

It’s against the law under the Environment Protection Act 1990 not to pick after your dog and most cities have many types of fines, which range from $50 to $750! Why waste money when we can be responsible and pick up the dog poop. The problem of dog waste is so serious that 4 out of 10 calls received in city municipalities are in regard to it. This has led to cities going to extremes measures which might seem ridiculous to many but NOT for those who understand the magnitude of the problem.

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