Your dog remembers what you did

People have a remarkable ability to remember and recall events from the past, even when those events didn’t hold any particular importance at the time they occurred. Now, researchers have evidence that dogs have that kind of “episodic memory” too.

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Actor Will ArnettWill Arnett and “Orange is the New Black” star Natasha Lyonne have boarded the live-action family comedy “Show Dogs.”  This ought to be VERY interesting!! What do you think?

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Every time a dog features in a film or on TV, people want one, but their new pets will often have come from the ghastly, gangster puppy farms

Yes, I love the John Lewis advert, because it stars a boxer dog, and I’ve had boxers for years and am mad on them. I have boxer wall calendars, plates, mugs and models. I also love the YouTube clip of the boxer watching the John Lewis boxer on telly, and jumping up and down with it. How clever is that dog? A comic genius, like my boxer.

But then my happiness sours, because I know what will happen next. Loads more people will want boxers. Just as they wanted jack russells after that film The Artist, dalmatians after 101 Dalmatians, dogues de bordeaux after Turner and Hooch, or dachshunds after Wiener-Dog. And, in a flash, those greedy puppy farmers will latch on and start churning out boxers in nasty conditions, their poorly bred, sick dogs will come pouring on to the UK market, mainly from Wales, and suckers will buy them, because they look so cute, clever and attractive.

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