Dog Poop Bag Refills

We must decrease our use of plastic and biodegradable dog poop bags are an excellent way to begin.  When biodegradable dog waste bags are used daily by dog walkers it makes a significant positive impact on the environment.

Refill products have become a familiar part of life today and dog waste bags are no exception.

As an example, refill products are in the “waste reduction” category. Going forward, more products that meet the criteria will be given the “eco together” logo.

The refill should be a bulk pack capable of multiple refills to really save time and money. Today on websites like Amazon, eBay and a ton of others you can purchase many different kinds of dog bags.

Type that has a lid that snaps on the top that you need to remove to refill the bags. I found the lids almost impossible to remove without a pair of pliers or vice grips.

Then here are the cute ones, but the bags didn’t pull out smoothly from the dispenser.  My favourite was a pink bone style dispenser covered in pink rhinestones.  I loved the look but not for long as the rhinestones fell off starting with the first use.

There are some great “purse” shaped dispensers also allow you to carry keys, phone, lipstick, etc.  Depending on your style and of course your dog’s style these may be perfect for you.

For the dark dog walking days there are dispensers that are also a flashlight

To attach these other dispensers to the leash, I had to drill a hole in the leash and use a zip tie. The zip ties would break. And there was no place on most to put the used bags that are full of poop.

greenhouse gas emissions,
carbon monoxide emissions,
solid waste generation,
energy consumption, and
water consumption

REMEMBER – It’s illegal to drop your dog’s poop bag into someone else’s garbage can.

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