4 Methods to Carry Your Dog Poop Bags

So just how do you carry your dog poop? Amazing to think that dog have become such a part of our family that even the way we pick up and carry their poop has evolved.

Method Number One
Many years ago one scooped up the poop in a plastic grocery bag that was used and just carried it by hand down the street. Easy, right? And many of are doing it this way still. We may have switched to using coloured store-bought bags, simply because they look nice and are sometimes more durable. But we still take action like Granny did and we still look exactly like Granny did. We try to juggle our poop bag that is full with the newspaper or our cup of coffee or maybe our breakfast sandwich. Hopefully it doesn’t collide against anything and break open. And we still look a little absurd, but so does every one else who does it in this way, which is likely most dog walkers.

Does our dog care if we look a little silly carrying their poop? Do they mind that we pick it up and carry it around?

Method Number Two
Taking dog poop in our pocket. Yup, some people really do this. For sure! We definitely want the more powerful bags and we definitely have to tie them closely and they undoubtedly cannot collide against anything, otherwise… smash, chubby, and ooohhh, exactly what a smelly mess will end up in our pocket. But at least we do not seem foolish and we also don’t recognize that there is another way, like…

Method Number Three
Tying the dog poop bag that is bulging to our leash. Now just what a nifty idea that is, correct? It leaves our hands free to do things that are better and to carry. Naturally, we will undoubtedly once again want the stronger bags (colored would be nice), and we once again need to tie a powerful knot, notably the knot that attaches the leash and the poop bag together. And obviously, since we’ve got a swinging and moving thing, we have to be really, very careful to not get it collide against anything, otherwise… smash, plop and ooohhh, another smelly wreck onto whatever we have collided against. It could be the sidewalk and we just have to get the poop in another bag… if we have one. But in addition it could be our shoe, or leg, or we bumped up against, even another individual which would not be very great at all. We only look a tad ridiculous and we do not comprehend that there’s another way, like…

Method Number Four
Dropping our fully loaded dog poop bag into a holder. There are brilliant & most convenient, there are many varieties available and are often attached to our leash. Just think of how much better and easier this is for you. To start with, we don’t appear foolish at all. We look like a modern, classy, sophisticated, upscale dog owner who’s always prepared to pick up after our pet. And once we have done this, we continue look just like a modern, classy, refined, upscale dog owner who is able not ridiculously be handling a swinging, bulging and to work with our hands as we wish, dog poop bag that is yucky. One even also includes a compartment to hold hand sanitizer, which obviously needs to be a must after picking up dog poop. Right? Maybe because we’re so used to doing it the manner Granny did one and it did not have hand sanitizer manner so we don’t even think of using it. We just keep doing it the old manner.

But as all of us understand times have changed. We do many things very differently than we did. So are most people still taking our dog’s poop in exactly the same way that we did then? Perhaps we just didn’t unavailable. Well now that you’ve finished reading that, you are able to come out from the cavern because at this point you know the other possibilities for carrying dog poop.

I found this great looking poop scooper on Amazon, going to order it and test it out.  If you already have this one I would love to hear your views.

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