Dog Poop Bags

Our fur babies adore sunlight and the clean air just as much as we do. We both need the experience of loving romp or a fast walk in the park. And as responsible dog owners, each of us knows the value of using and taking our dog poop bags when they do their normal business outside. But who has made the choice not to make use of these poop bags?

You all have likely observed each and every one of the following behaviours when you have been out walking your fur baby!

1) “The Ignorant.” We each have seen this man when exterior. As their dog begins to squat and poop, they continue speed walking, occasionally pulling their pooch along with them and will rapidly look in the opposite way. Their aim would be to get as far as potential away from the dog waste; trusting that no one will believe it belongs to their pet.

2) “The Faker.” You discover this individual hunting anxiously for their dog poop bags. Then they will need to act, if they’re aware that others have seen their dog pooping on the sidewalk. Then they’re going to loudly exclaim “My goodness, I have to have left them in the vehicle. Then away they’ll run to their automobile, get in and drive off, leaving the dog waste for somebody else to pick up or god forbid step in.

3) “The Big Man.” This really is generally a guy. The man will most likely be on a mobile phone talking to someone equally as big. The man will have that all important atmosphere about him. Continue speaking on his phone and after that simply walk away like his pet never pooped.  He’ll never look down because when his dog poops it is totally beneath him to pick it up.  Definitely NOT his responsibility.

4) “The Wealthy Woman”. She presumes that someone is being paid to look after things like dog poop on the sidewalk. Her ideas are generally “don’t I already pay someone to look after this? Like those guys in the orange suits that are doing all the gardening. I am certain they take good care of matters like this”. So she’s likely a good person, only unprepared and unknowledgeable.

Our task will be to train individuals. And our task will be to call individuals out. Occasionally loud if we want to. We have to clarify this rule isn’t optional – it’s the law.

Instruction is the tool  that we want use. Dog waste is dangerous to the well-being of our pets as well as our own health. Dog waste is a pollutant as it endangers lakes, our rivers and shores. And dog poop is really a pain.

Take a peek at this exceptional, new and unobtrusive dog walking bag. Here is a really great way when walking with your dog to hold all the things you’ll need. In addition, it has a convenient space for a keys, a dog poop bag dispenser or a torch. This original dog walking tote is unobtrusive, suitable and sanitary.
PoopPac Dog Walker Waste Case, Black with Pink Zipper

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