Should I Buy Dog Poop Bags in Bulk?

Why buy dog poop bags in bulk?

If you only have one small dog the word “bulk” may be something very different from someone who has 2 big dogs, or even 3 small dogs.  Either way the idea is to ALWAYS have poop bags handy.

There are many places where you can purchase large numbers of dog poop bags like:

  • Amazon
  • Pet Stores
  • Ebay
  • Walmart
  • BoTy Dogs

How do you really know that your are getting your monies worth?  There is nothing worse than thinking you’re getting a really good deal only to discover that’s not true.

Before you buy your poop bags in bulk take a close look at the description for the product.  Specifically you are looking for the size, weight and thickness.

If you have a small dog then size is not a huge criteria, other than the fact that a smaller bag would be more efficient. Remember you always want the bag to be long enough to tie off once you have picked up the poop.  If the bag is too short, let’s say 10 inches and you have a big dog it is very likely there will NOT be enough room to tie off once the poop is in the bag.

The thickness of the bag also has a large range from 7 microns up to 16 microns. Of course the larger your dog the heavier the poop, the stronger bag you need. Check that product description, do they tell you how thick the bags are? Perhaps they give you an idea of how much weight the bag can hold. eg: up to 25 pounds.

Another way you can tell the quality of the bag is the weight of the product itself. This is very easy to do on Amazon and other mail order companies as the specifics are provided for each product. The heavier the product is indicates a thicker bag, provided you are comparing the same number of bags.

BTD - Shipping Weight

Now you know how to figure out what size, weight and thickness of bags to buy, why go to all this trouble anyway??

1) So That Others Won’t Step In It (or you too for that matter)

2) Your Neighbours Won’t Hate You

3) You Won’t Get In Trouble With Animal Control

4) Don’t Give A Bad Name To All We Dog Owners

In many cities and towns across America and Canada the fines for not picking up the dog poop are growing. It is becoming a national concern and problem.


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